Paul is currently researching and writing a book, which is provisionally titled Shards of the Empires. The travelogue takes place throughout Eastern Europe and takes a close look at the forces that have edged the continent away from stability and back towards conflict in recent years. By looking at the wreckage of past conflicts and empires, present in so many parts of this region, Paul finds a unifying pattern linking them all: the empires that controlled them.
"It all started when I tried to travel from Kiev to Crimea in the spring of 2014. I got barred from making that trip by the authorities amid rampant uncertainty and so decided to travel to Crimea the long way round, circling the Black Sea and learning a lot about the wider region's history, beliefs and culture in the process. All of that shed much more light on what was happening in the Ukraine than I could ever have anticipated and Shards of the Empires documents that journey of realisation." - Paul Stafford
Below is a selection of photos from the trip that gives a visual idea of the book's tone and subject-matter.
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