Screenwriting is never truly a solo effort. Paul has been helping other writers realise their visions for years. He has worked with some big consultancy companies in the past, but prefers ongoing, personal interaction with his clients.
Here's a popular screenwriting article by Paul: "The Top 10 Mistakes Script Readers Encounter"
"As a seasoned script editor and consultant, I know what a writer needs and how to coax the best out of any screenplay. My feedback is all about understanding what the writer is attempting to achieve and helping them get there. We all need guidance; just like films, no screenplay is completed alone." - Paul Stafford
See Paul's rate card below. For all enquiries and rate cards in other currencies, please click here to open up a dialogue.
Standard Tariff *
Short Screenplays - under 35 pages - standard feedback notes (2+ pages) - £50/$70
Short Screenplays - under 35 pages - standard development notes (4+ pages) - £75/$105
Feature Screenplays - standard development notes (5+ pages) - £100/$140
Feature Screenplays - in-depth development notes (10+ pages) - £160/$225
Advanced Tariff
Skype Consultancy - standard development notes (5+ pages) and a Skype video session to go through those notes in greater depth. No limit on time - £200/$280
Comprehensive Skype Consultancy - in-depth development notes (10+ pages) and Skype video session to go through them properly. No limit on time - £250/$350
Script rewrites and idea-to-1st-draft writing - Please contact with your requirements to receive a quote.
Short Screenplay Proofread - Full edit of all spelling, grammar and punctuation issues (up to 35 pages) - £35/$50
Feature Screenplay Proofread - Full edit of all spelling, grammar and punctuation issues - £70/$100
One-page Synopsis - Suitable to send to producers when soliciting to get your script read - £20/$30
Skype questions: Discuss the notes in person after having chance to read over them (30-45 minutes) - £50/$70
Turnaround time
You will receive your notes within 4 working days, regardless of the length.
Paul's preference is to write as much as comes to mind for the feedback, rather than a set number of pages. So there will always be a the minimum indicated number of pages of feedback, but occasionally, especially with earlier drafts of a project, that means Paul may write more. 
"Paul has studied and analyzed most of my scripts. Paul will mention both the strengths and the problems, and why that is so. He often also offers various solutions for the problems mentioned. The tone on which he writes is optimistic and encouraging. Paul's script notes not only gave me insight into my scripts, they have helped me to become a better writer. I can highly recommend Paul's script consultancy."
 - Cyrille
Paul studied an Applied Screenwriting post-grad diploma from Central Film School in London. Having read and consulted on just under 200 screenplays to date (for some of the biggest screenplay companies) he knows a thing or two about script consultancy.
Here's Paul's offer to first-time clients: Pay only half of the fee up front and the second half when you receive the notes as long as you're satisfied with them. Deal? If interested, please click here to get in touch.

* Prices quoted are in GBP. Certain cryptocurrencies will be considered as payment as well. Quotes available on request. Cryptocurrencies accepted include, but are not limited to, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, Ripple and Ethereum. 
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