It all began in front of the camera. Well actually, on the stage. Well actually, in a field at Warwick University, playing Benjamin the Donkey from George Orwell's Animal Farm in front of an audience of 70 people. His voice and acting reels are located below.
"I've never seen the point of doing a job that I don't enjoy and didn't want to compromise my creativity by working a 9-5 and shoehorning an acting career into the days off. So I began to look further afield. Much further afield. I found a gig acting on TV in South Korea and bought a one way plane ticket to Seoul (I couldn't afford a return ticket). What started as a wild experiment led to three fantastic, transformative years." - Paul Stafford
Feel free to get in touch if you're interested in auditioning Paul for something or sending a script his way.
Below are some films in which Paul played the lead role. He lists these as his favourites from his time in South Korea:
"I learned a lot in Seoul, not just about acting, but about the harsh realities of the industry as well. What I took away from it changed everything for me: The knowledge that I could start with neither a penny nor a word of shared language, and still fashion a successful career from it. During my time in Seoul, I found work in TV, film, voice acting, stage and even a little modelling. It was surreal and yet deeply affirming that no matter what you have, lots or little, you can make it work by thinking out of the box, working hard and being open-minded." - P.S.
Here's a great Korean film, in which Paul was fortunate to play the lead role:
"Korea also taught me a work ethic the likes of which I have never seen elsewhere. I managed to shed what little sense of entitlement I may have had long ago and now genuinely revel in honest, hard work. I apply this mentality to all that I do, and really connect well with others who can do the same. It was in Seoul that I met other filmmakers and became inspired by them to move behind the camera as well." - P.S.
You can find out more about that journey on this page. For now, here's another short film that Paul's proud of; he had the lead role in A Cold Soul and also produced it:
Since returning to the U.K. Paul landed a role in the Canadian comedy-drama Clay's P.O.V. which filmed in the Czech Republic and Greece. He has also appeared on stage a couple of times in London's fringe theatre scene. For more information, or to check availability, send a message here.
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