Paul is mostly to be found in London, U.K. He has been dabbling with words and pictures for more than a decade. He uses them in a number of ways. Ultimately, he tells stories, or helps others to tell theirs. Over time he has learned different skill sets to allow his storytelling to manifest in various ways. Filmmaking, photography and crafting the written word are his main abilities.
High-res versions of all images found on this site are available on request. If you'd like to work with Paul, would like to discuss buying image usage rights or have any questions, please get in contact using the form below.
Thank you. I'll get in touch as soon as I can :)

​​​​​​​GDPR blah blah blah
Oh hi, you're here and that means you probably want to contact me. Go on, don't be shy. "But Paul," you ask, "what about all my personal data?" Fair question. Here's Paul's GDPR compliancy policy:
Personal data - if you contact me, you've probably sent me you email address and real name/pseudonym. Those two classics really aid the process of communication, particularly if your initial contact was to open up a dialogue, rather than to hurl racial slurs and generally angry messages. But I'm not really a spam/mailing list kinda guy, so expect replies to emails, but no spam. I don't even collect and keep personal data, other than what stays in my Gmail when I don't trash it.
Face data - You'll notice that my site is quite picture-dense. I like pictures, they're so much easier on the eye than words are. Having said that, sometimes you might be clicking through and see your face appear. That will be because a) you agreed to a photo shoot for a public-facing publication, and/or b) you begged to have your photo taken. Either way, there's a grey area about legitimate use of these photos. It's my responsibility to justify reasonable and legitimate use of said imagery. Although nobody has been clear with me about what that entails exactly, I promise you this: the shots are just a portfolio and are not gaining me any money. Furthermore I'll never sell your photos without your consent first. I'll most definitely not sell to any weird companies or right-wing nutjobs. However, should you wish to be removed, send me an email (see above) and let me know. You are well within your rights at any time to request your likeness is removed from this site. 
The photos themselves are stored in external hard drives in my flat, so it's unlikely anybody'll be able to get access and I'm generally quite excellent at remember to close my front door upon entering or exiting. As ever, I love to chat so if you've any concerns or questions, please do get in touch.
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