Paul works on documentaries in various capacities, particularly the words and pictures of writing and cinematography. Please see below for details of some of his latest projects. More information is available if you contact Paul here.
Permission to Exist
Mental health during South Korea's sunung exam season: 2018-2019
"Phenomenal documentary, made with such compassion. I was fortunate to have the chance to contribute in the capacity of a story adviser and developer. Having lived in South Korea for over three years, and having seen the incredible hard work Korean people do, but also the attendant stress that comes with that, and having also learned to work harder as a result, I was really drawn to this project that looks at addressing the emotional well-being of people in high pressure environments." - P.S.
 I Am, Because We Are
Youth unemployment in South Africa's townships: 2017
"This project was filmed in South Africa during July, 2017. A compact but fantastic team worked tirelessly to explore themes of rampant youth unemployment, poor education and crime in the townships to the north of Johannesburg. The people there were extremely gracious and it was a pleasure to help capture their stories." - P.S.
Dog Years
The Refugee Crisis in Greece: 2016
"This was the most challenging shoot I have done, for various reasons. The subject matter was so moving and it was hard to disassociate from the chaos going on all around us. It is still going on, even though it has disappeared from our news feeds." - Paul Stafford
Below is the teaser trailer for Dog Years, edited by Paul. All the footage (apart from that of the Pope) was shot by Paul. Below that is a collection of photos Paul took separately from the documentary for his own files during his time there.
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